Refugee Resettlement Benefit Show!

Gallery doors will open at 1 pm on Dec. 12th till end of the show and will be open from 1 pm to 7 pm on Dec. 13th.

Admission is $6 after 7pm on Dec. 12th.
Music Starts at 7:30 pm on Dec. 12th

Sean Chilson
Thomas Ward III
Mike Finn
Katarzyna Pytlak
Paul McDonough

Summer People
DJ Afar
Ares Valais
Mage 9
Grey Team

ART MUSIC PEOPLE is a non-profit organization offering a helping hand toward refugee resettlement programs, specifically The Northside C.Y.O. Refugee Resettlement Program in Syracuse, New York. This is accomplished by raising money through benefit shows created by ART MUSIC PEOPLE along with local, regional, or traveling musicians and artists. We desire to bring ART, MUSIC, and PEOPLE together, regardless of background, as ONE community to assist each other through various mediums.

Any money made at this show will go to warm clothing for refugee families!

Donate a coat, make someone warm!