Gallery open Friday, February 19 @ 1PM/Music: Doors @ 7PM, $6
Gallery open Saturday, February 20 @ 1-7pm

With Music on Friday Feb. 19th by:
Mandate of Heaven
Interstellar Funkateers
DJ Afar
Grey Team
Gracious Sakes Alive

And a Two Day Art Exhibit featuring:
– Krzystof Pytlak

– Mandi Crain Stein
Agata Zietek
James I. Paulsen

BENEFIT for Local families of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Crouse Hospital- There are many families every year who’s children are at the NICU anywhere from a few hours to a few months. We are trying to raise money at this event for gift certificates to restaurants in the Crouse Hospital area and for parking passes at the hospital. Having been a NICU for 3 months while Etienne was there in 2006 I’ve experience the difficulties of trying to figure out how to juggle a life with a baby that was in the NICU for a significant amount of time. Parking and eating were big costs. It would be great if we could all get together and alleviate some of those costs for local families that are experiencing those hardships now!!


(Do not park in the paved lot to the right of the entrance, even though it is attached to the building. You will get a huge ticket from the Veteran’s Association!)