What: Concert — Ghost Society
When: Friday, March 26 @ 8PM
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
How Much: $5

Spark Contemporary Art Space is proud to present Ghost Society, coming all the way for Denmark on their international tour for their debut album, Better Days. They will be performing for the first time in Syracuse in our very own space, & we are excited to have them. The opening band will be Syracuse’s own Milking Diamonds.




Ghost Society is a new project by the two vocalists and songwriters Sara Savery from People Press Play (Morr Music) and Tobias Wilner from Blue Foundation/Bichi (known for his recent work with Mark Kozelek and for composing the song “Eyes on Fire” that’s featured on the “Twilight Soundtrack”). With love for catchy indiepop, shoegazing and avantgarde folk they have been creating some beautiful and dreamy tunes in collaboration with the other two band members Lasse Herbst (drums) and Frederik Sølberg (guitars). Sara and Tobias are married and will live part time in Copenhagen and New York from May 2010.