Hello Spark Patrons!

Our Wednesday night musical event has a last minute addition! Don’t miss a special acoustic opening set by Br’er, all the way from Philly! Also, please note, you can be part of this amazing triple-event for the low, low price of $5.

Who: Br’er, Tony Benn, Josefin Fundin
When: Wednesday, April 7 @ 8:30PM
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
Cost: $5
*Beverages available for purchase.

Br’er is primarily a recording project for Philadelphia native Benjamin Schurr, employing a large host of musicians in the area to create his dense experimental pop compositions. Formed originally as a means to complete several unfinished songs Benjamin recorded for another project, Br’er quickly became its own entity after several manic recording sessions with borrowed equipment, broken keyboards and other pieces of musical trash lying around. Of Shemales and Kissaboos, the first Br’er album was recorded in a period right after Benjamin got off of being on medicine and was homeless. This resulted in guerilla recording sessions that involved finding a place to stay, hauling a bunch of equipment, and recording for a few days before leaving. Br’er became a functional band with the addition of harpist/multi-instrumentalist Darian Scatton in July of 2007, and after several line up changes, now usually contains Benjamin Schurr, Darian Scatton, & Roger Alejandro Martinez.


Tony Benn is a singer/songwriter from Miltown Malbay Co. Clare,Ireland and has been playing music since the 90s. Benn started off his career in the grunge band Exploding Marmalade (Winner of the 2005 Temple Bar new bands competition and featured on the Irish top 30 list). Since then he has been in a variety of bands (Sexy Results, Addiction, Soul Panda and Miles) and busking on the streets of Dublin. His self titled solo record was released in the summer of 2009 featuring collaborations with American songstress Johnette Napolitano and new European talent like Anthony Ward and Rebeca Massey.

Josefin Fundin
is that charismatic Swedish girl you probably never met. A strong believer in today’s do‐it‐yourself era, Fundin has taken on the role of musician, producer and recording engineer to create a representation of her evocative strength and lyrical poise.

Fundin has now released her second self produced EP within a year. This City is a six track EP inspired by the Big Apple itself. After the release of her first solo EP, Silly Lamb, Never Learns (Feb. 09) she moved across the ocean and spent the first half of the year playing at bars and clubs in the New York City area.

See you tomorrow night!