Who: Noxious Foxes & Friends Academy
When: Tuesday, May 4 @ 9:00PM
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
Cost: $6

NOXIOUS FOXES is a two-piece, instrumental math-rock band from brooklyn, ny. armed with drums, guitar, wurlitzer, and aided by a laboratory of effect and loop pedals, they create massive landscapes of sound. songs get loud, fast, mathy, thick, yet always with a melodic agenda. comparisons range from hella to battles to ‘a steven king novel turned into a tim burton film’.
members richie and justin comprised half of the band jack bauer from 2002-2006 while in college and regrouped as noxious foxes in mid 2009 in brooklyn, ny. they put out their first album lovestorm later that year, and are currently writing and recording their next LP.
FRIENDS ACADEMY is a music group comprised of three core contributors, Andrew Bishop, Matthew Longo and Allen Wilcox. The group makes rock, electronic, downtempo and pop music. The members met in Vermont in 2001-2002 and have lived in Brooklyn since 2005-2006. FRIENDS ACADEMY have performed extensively in New York City and in the northeast United States, joined by a rotating cast of musicians and friends. For the NOXIOUS FOXES/FRIENDS ACADEMY Spring Tour 2010, the band put together an EP of seven tracks.

Who: The Beehive Collective’s Crosspollination
When: Wednesday, May 5 @ 8:00PM
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
Cost: FREE!
The Beehive Design Collective is a group of artist educators, illustrators, entomologists, botanists, activists, researchers, and volunteers based in Mathias, ME.

Their visually stunning, large scale B+W graphics depict social justice and raising ecological consciousness in a way that is never boring. The bees will present these picture lectures in a special event at Spark Contemporary Art Space. This is an event co-sponsored by the Alchemical Nursery. Refreshments will be served, deelicious beverages courtesy of the Art School in the Art School (The AS in The AS), be there!


Who: Landmines + Many More!
When: Thursday, May 6 @ 6:30PM
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
Cost: $5