What: Syracuse Smash 3
When: Saturday, July 24 @ 11AM
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.

11:00 AM – Registration for Melee Singles and doubles
12:30 PM – Registration Ends For Melee Singles and doubles/ Brackets will be made at this time.
1:00 PM – Melee Doubles Will Start.
2:30 PM – Melee Doubles finish up and Melee Singles Begin:
4:30 PM – Melee Singles Finish up And Lunch/Dinner Break Commences/ Brawl Registration starts/
5:00 PM – Brawl Registration comes to an end/ Brawl Bracket wil be made at this time.
(Please note we will be accepted brawl registration at the same time as melee so you really have from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM to register for brawl)
5:30 PM – Brawl Doubles Begin.
7:00 PM – Brawl Doubles Finish/ Brawl Singles begin.
End – Brawl Singles Finish.

Fees and Payouts:
Venue Fee: $6
Singles Fee : $7
Doubles Fee: $7 Per person.

Payout for all singles events will be.
1st: 55%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th: 5%

While doubles will use.
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

Bryan Puccia, known to most of us smashers as Bry or Kanto, has been the spark of the Syracuse smash community since August 2009, when he announced his first tournament here on the boards. Since then, he has succeeded in bringing Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo (+ others) into one unified community that has improved both in skill and bond by amounts too great to describe in words. His last tournament, Syracuse Smash 2, brought in top tier competition from locations as varied as Canada, Massachusetts, and New Jersey for both Brawl and Melee. Despite extreme difficulties including a power outage at the original venue, he persevered and managed to create a spectacular event at the last second that sent everyone home very happy and satisfied with their weekend’s tournament experience.

To the great dismay of everyone who had the honor of knowing him, on Tuesday, May 25th, Bry suffered a heart attack while swimming at the beach, and is no longer with us. He had been in the process of organizing a third tournament prior to his departure. We have decided to hold this tournament to honor Bryan’s memory, and a portion of the pot will be donated to his family as a token of our appreciation for the man they brought to us.