Spark Friends,

Summertime or not, if ever there was a Spark show to attend, it’s this one! I’m not just saying that because it’s my job. This just might be one of the Spark events I’m most excited about this summer! So, whatever your plans are, cancel them! Dig through the couch, gather your change, and join us this Monday night for a spectacular audio-visual event!
Who: Everything is Terrible!, with Lord of the Yum Yum
When: Monday, July 26 @ 7PM / $8
Where: Spark Contemporary Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
*Beverages available for purchase.

Everything is Terrible! Presents: 2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift

This is it. This is for real. The best thing that could possibly happen… is happening. That’s right folks, our cultish leaders at Everything is Terrible! – the premier website for found footage freakouts are appearing live with their all new movie! (‘Everything Is Terrible! Presents: 2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift.’) The EIT! gang have been working like pampered, over-fed slaves for the past year, bringing together literally thousands of hours of brain boiling VHS into one jam-packed jewel of an experience. The movie itself cannot be described, except that it is a full length mashup of oddities including cat massaging, magick krystals, 90’s internet prophesies, and the cutest form of evil to ever walk the Earth (oh you’ll see). Think Tim & Eric, but real. And if that wasn’t already the koolest popsicle in the fridge, the gang will be appearing IN THE MELTED FLESH to coax you into their disturbingly hilarious world – and this time, EIT! has upped the ante. Their show has been described as ‘a mix of The Holy Mountain, The Neverending Story, and that weird cult sex scene from Eyes Wide Shut’. Now send that on a seven year vision quest into the belly of the beast and you have some idea of what’s in store. Don’t forget to bring that extra face of yours, cause the one you got will melt off!

Lord of the Yum Yum

Known for strange vocal ruminations and a hilarious live show, Lord of the Yum Yum promises only the highest quality, most enriching and mind numbing entertainment all at the same time. Lord of the Yum Yum, aka Paul V., combines a guttural scat vocal style, classical/jazz themes, throat singing, improvisation, and electronics to take the modern voice to a new place. As a performer, Paul has toured nationally with a concentration on the Midwest and since 1991, he has done many radio and television appearances as well as hundreds of performances around the greater Chicago area.