Last night Spark hosted the first show in Creative Art Space Programming’s 2016 schedule.

Curated by Owen Drysale, the show brought together works by Syracuse based artists as ‘an invitation of sorts to consider the particularities of our present’.

Chris Zacher ‘Barrel’, Rachel Fein Smolinski ‘Deflection (Target Moves).

What is Creative Art Space Programming (CASP)?

CASP is an organization composed of graduate student artists of different disciplines living and working in Syracuse, CASP aims to build an awareness of, and involvement with, regional, national and international contemporary art within the Syracuse University community.

‘We’re Nervous’ exhibition marks the first in a series of shows supported by CASP. Here at Spark we are very excited about the work they are doing and are keen to continue hosting their exhibitions, the next of which will be opening Thursday March 24th 2016. ‘Most Manly Sculpture Show’ will be an exhibition of work by Syracuse Based artists working in sculpture.

Check out CASP website for more info: