Spark Art Space is an artist space for exhibition, performance, and music.  Spark’s primary aim is to provide space and community to artists in the Syracuse region and beyond. The gallery was founded in the mid-nineties and functions as a contemporary venue and resource to the artistic and performative talents of the region. Gallery space is available to rent for weekly or nightly events and shows.

“Spark encompasses the 3 C’s that all cities require. Culture. Commerce. Community.” 


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 Location: 1005 E. Fayette St., Syracuse NY 13210.


If you would like to make a booking for your event, or inquire about how you can help out with the space as a volunteer, email us at

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Get Involved

Spark is a place for the community to become involved in supporting the unique artistic community of Syracuse. If you are interested in becoming involved in Spark in any capacity, please get in touch with us. There are many opportunities to grow and become involved.


Roles for Volunteers:


  • Show Reps
  • Sound Engineers
  • Gallery curators
  • Web/Social Media Editors
  • Event photographers
  • Bloggers
  • And Much More