What we provide

Spark Art Space focuses on both art gallery and live music events. We’ve been host to endless shows and gallery installations over the years, providing a creative, safe space for artists and musicians alike to thrive. We have two different showrooms that can be rented out, providing a simplistic, yet effective blank canvas for ingenuity and imagination.


What we need from you

To secure a date and produce an event at Spark the following documents are needed:


  • A Proposal Form (Download A blank proposal here): SPARK BLANK PROPOSAL
  • A signed rental contract (Contracts are issued after receiving and approving a proposal form)
  • An official invoice (This will be sent to you alongside a contract. Completing payment for this invoice upon receipt of contract is necessary to proceed with your event.)



Space usage terms

When Spark is rented, it means that it must return to it’s original state. Holes from hanging, nailing and wall damage must be repaired (i.e. spackled and painted). Trash from the event must be removed and not allowed to be thrown away off site by the renter. Any damage that occurs as the result of the show must be paid for by the renter.



When can I start installing for my show?

Your install will be coordinated with the gallery managers; however you can not hammer into the walls any earlier than 9 am or any later than 11pm at night.


How long can my show go until?
On weekdays, music should taper off at 10:30 PM. On weekends, this should be 11:30 PM. There is residency that lives above the space, so we must be courteous to their sleep schedules. 


I want to have my show advertised on the Spark Facebook page and this website- what should I send you to do this?

Upon completing all needed documents to secure your event, please do the following so we can best advertise your event online:

  • Please send all web graphics and posters for your event to sparkartspace@gmail.com so that we can share it onto our Facebook and Instagram
  • Please make sure to add the official @sparkartspace Facebook page in as a co-host for your Facebook event page so that it will show up on our calendar
  • If you’re in need of physical posters for your event, please let us know in an email. We have resources to help create these and handbills for you
  • If you’d like Facebook advertiser access on our page to promote an event, please let us know what email to add in as this role


Our event has so much trash- can’t I just put it in your dumpster?

So sorry but absolutely no excessively large amounts of trash are allowed in our dumpster- your event’s trash is your responsibility and it has to be disposed of off site. Any extra trash in the space will result in a fee or the renter not being allowed to rent from Spark in the future.


I don’t know how to spackle and fix gallery walls so I can’t repair the space to it’s original condition- what do I do?

Just do it- It’s easy as hell. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIPYwuEPeDg


Do you have seating for poetry or performance events?

We have about 20-25 chairs available.


Can I paint the walls?

As long as the gallery returns to its original state by the end of your de-install allotment you are allowed.


How do I get you guys the money for the space? Can I pay by credit card?

Payout information is provided in every contract issued out to event producers. At this moment in time we only accept payments via the following method:

  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Checks

Info on where to designate payments through the above methods also included in issued contracts. No wires, ACH’s or credit card payments accepted.


Contact Info:

Email: sparkartspace@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (315)-807-7403

Snail Mail: 219 S West St. Suite 202 Syracuse, NY 13210